Where’s Kingdom Hearts 3

The Team talks about the Square Enix Series Kingdom hearts and wonders Where’s Kingdom Hearts 3? They discuss how much love or hate the series and what their favorite and worst parts are.  If you have not played the series, then be warned **SPOILERS** ahead.  Seriously though, these games have been out for over 10 years.

Joe and Lori are joined on Skype by their good friend Jon, and in the studio, with Kieffer (Aww8badges) to discuss the beloved video game series Kingdom Hearts.  The team starts at the beginning talking about Kingdom Hearts and their love/hate of the game.  Following the Kingdom Hearts 1 talk, they discuss Kingdom Hearts 2 and what they thought of the second mainstay of the series.

The group stays away from the spin-off games and discusses 1 or 2 briefly to give the audience some background to help with the confusing storyline of Kingdom Hearts and it’s many characters.

After they round up their favorite parts and least favorite parts of the games, they round in on the long awaited (Painfully awaiting) the new Kingdom Hearts 3 game that may never come out.   The highly anticipated game has been in development for over 12 years and has no release date in sight.  A recent article stated next year, but is that 2018? or was that released to close to the turn of 2017 and they mean later this year? Who knows. With this being the 20th anniversary of the original Kingdom Hearts, there should be some news on the horizon (hopefully). Find out what the team thinks of this long awaited game.

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