Arrow Season Finale Review

If you have not watched the latest Arrow episode on the CW then I suggest watching before reading ahead.  Spoilers abound.

The Arrow ended its season this past week and it was again predictable and lackluster ending.  My feeling on this show is it needs to go beyond dark and the Prometheus storyline could have done just that.  With Prometheus kidnapping Oliver’s son and the team captured on Lian Yu, this episode looked very promising. What made this episode, the Nerd Casters wet dream is the fact that Manu Bennett reprised his role as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke.  With the mixture of Deathstroke, Arrow, Prometheus, and Merlin, I thought this was going t be an ending to a season like none other in a long while.

The show started off promising, with freeing of the rest of the Team and recruiting Slade Wilson to help (as he been stuck on Lian Yu since Season 2(?).   It appeared about 20 minutes or so in that Slade would double cross Arrow and join up with Prometheus and Talia Al-Ghul, but proved to be a ruse to help Arrow find the rest of his team and his kid. It worked, Arrow got captured and taken to Diggle, Canary, Renee, and Daddy Lance. They escaped with the help of the Canary cry and on their way, they went to fight Chase and his crew.

In typical fashion, Prometheus escapes (albeit Miami Vice style) on a boat.  Arrow CHASEd him down (Pun intended) and a fight ensued on the boat, with the reveal that his kid was locked in the cabin of the vessel the entire time (::sarcasm:: didn’t see that coming).  Arrow defeats chase and hugs his kid, banter between the two ensues, and Prometheus reveals that he is going to kill himself, and he does, thus killing the rest of Team Arrow who are still on the island due to his heart being connected to a kill switch that is wired to bombs all over Lian Yu.  Boring, dumb, stupid.  We see the island explode and the season is over, leaving viewers to believe Team Arrow is dead…. or are they?


Let’s take a look at what this Nerd Caster detective picked up on to prove they are still alive:

  • In the episode, there is a scene where Thea tell Felicity and Mr. Terrific that “they will figure something out .”  This is a misconception viewers are to believe that they will find a way to disarm the island, but I believe that they find a way to survive the blast. Maybe by hiding the bunker Slade was kept in? Maybe some sort of crazy forcefield McGuyver style.  Who knows.
  • We know there is a Season 6. Do we really thing that Team Arrow did not survive?
  • Last but not least, contracts, go read the actors contracts.
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