Star Wars Rogue One Review: Part I

This episode of Nerdcaster is Joe and Lori’s review of the new Star Wars film, Rogue One.  First and foremost, ***SPOILERS AHEAD****.  They give insight on what they thought of the movie first hand, what their favorites parts were, how they think the movie was as a whole (acting, cinematography, writing, etc), and where it ranks in their lists of top Star Wars Movies.  

Joe and Lori talk about first impressions based on the other 7 Star Wars movies in the universe and if it fits into the timeline well or if it’s just out of place altogether.  Like every Star Wars movie in the franchise, there are a lot of weird names, planets, etc. and Joe has a hard time remembering everything for any of the Star Wars films.

With all the new planets, characters, and a plot that is mentioned before the start of Episode 4 even begins, how do you think this movie holds its own in the Star Wars Universe? Let us know in the comments.

To get a quick idea what’s discussed in the first part, see below:

  1. Overall Plot Outline
    1. This movie is based on the plans the Rebel Alliance receives in Star Wars Ep IV: A New Hope.  The main cast’s objective is to retrieve the plans to get them to Princess Leia
  2. Opinion of the movie
    1. Like or didn’t like it and why
  3. Cinematography and Special Effects and thoughts
    1. Camera positioning etc
    2. Shadows (Darth Vader’s on the wall before his appearance)
    3. Special Effects (Princess Leia at the end, explosions, etc)

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Image Source: The Official Star Wars Rogue One website. © Lucas Films Ltd.
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