NCG’s First Smash Bros. Tournament Part 1

This week at Nerd Caster, Joe is joined by Lori and Kieffer (Aww8badges) to talk about the Smash Bros. tournament (eSports) they competed in this past weekend.  The team starts by giving a history of the Super Smash Brothers franchise, how they chose their characters to compete with, and the venue itself.

The tournament took place at Yestercades arcade in Red Bank, NJ and run by Dan, who did an excellent job and kept everything moving. Master Handing Gaming was present and streamed Joe’s (LordQX4) first ever match (and loss) to the internet.  If you want to watch the video check out Master Hand Gaming’s youtube page (links below).  Remember to listen to Part 2 of the tournament coverage which will be released on Friday, Dec 16th, 2016 and subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a review.


The Nerd Caster Team will be gaming at events using NCG (Nerd Caster Gaming) before their player tag (i.e. NCG Aww8badges). If you are interested in joining the NCG team, listen to the podcast to find out our email address and hit us up letting the team know you’re interested.  Please include the following in your email:

  • Name
  • Location (state is fine)
  • Link to your Smash Boards account (if you have one)
  • Most recent tournament competed in
  • What you placed or your Power Ranking
  • Short bio about yourself

NCG is comprised of Captain Aww8badges, LordQX4 (Rookie), and London (Rookie).  We are just as interested in new players as we are Power Ranked players.  If you have never competed in a tournament, that doesn’t mean you can’t join.  The Nerd Caster Gaming (NCG) page will be up soon, so please check back soon.


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