Relatable AF Tweets about Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is ‘finally’ here

The long awaited Final Fantasy XV hits stores on November 29, 2016, less than a day away. This game has spent almost ten years in the development cycle, originally titled Final Fantasy XIII: Versus before being reimagined as a major stand-alone title. Following the underwhelming Final Fantasy XIII, XV has a lot to make up for to put Square-Enix back on top of the RPG kingdom. In celebration of the release, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tweets about the game.


The struggle is real.

Literally happens every time a major title hits.


Knew he was the best U.S. President.


Yes…sigh, we’ve heard this one before.




At least Noctis isn’t towering over Balamb Garden.


We’ve waited so long! The only game we’ve waited for longer is Kingdom Hea— ah nevermind…

Thank you Square-Enix for finally releasing this game.

Image: Source – Final Fantasy XV screenshot, copyrighted by SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO., LTD.


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