Overwatch World Cup and Blizzcon

The Nerd Caster team gives there take on the Overwatch World Cup and Blizzcon as they were able to snag a Virtual ticket.  The NC Crew breaks down each Overwatch World Cup match from the Quaterfinals to the Championship and their thoughts on each team and who they think will be back next year.

Quarter Final Matches


  • Sweden vs Canada
  • France vs South Korea

3rd Place Match

  • Sweden vs France


  • Canada vs South Korea

After the team talk about the matches, they go in depth on the newest Overwatch character, Moira.  They go over her abilities, ultimate, etc. and how they think they could be game changers.  Will she be able to help teams as a support? What type of skill is needed for this character?

Next they talk about the new map and skins that Blizzard will be releasing. So listen in to whats coming up for Overwatch.

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