One Saturday Morning

On This Episode, One Saturday Morning: Retro TV, The Nerd Caster team talks about old cartoons and shows from their childhood. They go from shows on ABC’s One Saturday Morning lineup to SNICK and from Disney Channel to PBS, WB Kids to Hannah Barbara. Joe talks about shows from the 70s through today, while Kieffer and Lori are more up-to-date on children’s programming with shows coming from the 90s and the 00’s.

Listen in to hear if some of your favorite shows come up, or maybe one of the shows will take you on your own way back machine to cartoons you may have forgotten about as a child.  This episode is jam packed full of different titles, that we are sure you have watched, heard about, and possibly forgotten about altogether.

We hope to tickle your nostalgia bone, so sit back and enjoy as the team goes through television history. Be sure to let the team know if they missed any or add your two cents in the comments below.

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