Full House

After a week off (find out why by listening in), it’s a Full House on the Nerd Caster show this week. Lori, Kieffer “Badges”, and Sean join Joe to talk about the Smash Bros. Tournament KTAR, Smash Bros DLC characters, with some other RPG and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild talk.  They also go over what their favorite game of all time is.

Find out if Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time beats out Breath of the Wild in Lori’s opinion, and what exactl is Sean’s favorite video game of all time? He definitely stuns Joe and Lori with his answer. Does the NCG captain think Super Smash Brothers is the best game of all time? Find out that and more on this weeks episode of Nerd Caster, including some information on how to win the first ever Nerd Caster contest.

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That will do it for the latest episode: Nerd Caster out. Have Fun to all.

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