Final Fantasy XV Review Part 3

The Nerd Caster gives their first impression of Final Fantasy XV in this 3 part series.  In Final fantasy XV Review Part 3, Joe is joined by Lori and their good friend Jon to discuss game development, plot, and music and compare the game to previous games in the series. At this point, the nerds are not too deep into the game and are reviewing their initial thoughts to give you, the listener, an idea if the game is worth your time.  This episode will also help anyone new to the Fina Fantasy Series on what to expect in the game.

In the final part, they dig deeper into the plot and give you their final thoughts of the game. The Final Fantasy series is well known for their stunning graphics, music, and character development and the team goes through each of these briefly.

In the end, whether you are a veteran of the Final Fantasy Series (like Joe, Lori, and Jon) or new to the series, this 3 part episode is designed to give you opinions on the game so far and help you decide if it’s worth your precious video game time.  Each part is less than a half hour and can be enjoyed while commuting, waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or while relaxing with a cup of tea.  We hope you enjoy the review and that it helps you decide if this is a game that is a must get or one that you can cross off your list.

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