Distant Worlds Review

The NCG team was in attendance for the ten year anniversary of international musical phenomenon: Distant Worlds. Nerd Caster Gaming had the privilege of seeing Grammy Award-winning conductor, Arnie Roth, along with musicians from the Philidelphia Chamber Orchestra and with a very special appearance by legendary composer, Nobuo Uematsu. So, a Grammy Award-winning conductor, talented musicians, and a composer who has touched the lives of many with his compositions of video game music…how could this event get any better? Well, the fantastic, premier vocalist, Susan Calloway joined to provide her amazing voice as well.

I believe I speak for the NCG team and everyone in attendance when I say the show was nothing short of being incredible! Being it was my first time attending Distant Worlds, “speechless” is a very accurate word to describe how I felt after the show. All I can think about is the next show I will be attending, so I highly, highly recommend attending the next chance you get, especially if you have never experienced the magic before. How magical you may ask? Well, to give you an idea, a person sitting next to me was in tears for most of the show. The experience is like no other, especially if you are a longtime fan. The music touches your soul and brings forth emotions you remembered experiencing during your journey through the Final Fantasy series.

Everything from beginning to end was memorable, but the one moment that will always stay with me is seeing Nobuo Uematsu in person! Not every day you get to see someone who has impacted your life so much. Whether it was studying, driving, celebrating good times, or get through rough ones, his music has always been there for me. I can tell from the audience’s emotional reactions, that I’m not alone in saying this.


Image from ffdistantworlds.com
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