Netflix Castlevania Review

I would like to note that I have not played any of the Castlevania games in over 20+ years (The last one I played was for NES) and do not remember a single storyline to any of them, so I will be reviewing this as a TV show only and not making comparisons to the [...]

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Arrow Season Finale Review

If you have not watched the latest Arrow episode on the CW then I suggest watching before reading ahead.  Spoilers abound. The Arrow ended its season this past week and it was again predictable and lackluster ending.  My feeling on this show is it needs to go beyond dark and the Prometheus storyline could have [...]

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The End of the Flash

The CW’s Flash and Arrow season finale’s were this weak (PUN INTENDED!!). It left me, the resident Nerd Caster, officially unmoved, uncaring, and without excitement for next season.  Both finales were ok episodes in general, but nothing earth shattering and frankly, pretty predictable. Let’s start with Flash.  Barry Allen, the fastest man alive and probably [...]

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Yuri On Ice: The Nerd Caster Anime Review

Yuri On Ice: Born to Make History Yuri on Ice made its groundbreaking debut on October 5, 2016, and aired its last episode December 21, 2016. YOI added a new dimension to the sports anime genre by focusing on male's singles figure skating and is the first of its kind. The series follows skater Yuri Katsuki [...]

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