Shootin the Shizz

The Nerd Caster team talks the shizz about the new Beauty and the Beast movie with Team ED and a whole lot more.  Joe, Lori, Erica, and Danny talk about Mario Kart, the Switch in Genera, Movies, Music, and tons more shit. Joe and Danny talk about Friday the 13th game for PS4 Xbox and [...]

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Minecraft Cat Farm

This week in the Nerd Caster Studio, Danny "Incredibeard" and Erica the "cat lady" make their fabu return to talk TV, Movies, Games, and shoot the shiz.  Listen in as they go all over the place talking about Retrogaming to Retro 80s TV and Movies.  Find out about the Minecraft Cat Farm, Danny's favorite movie ever, [...]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Review

This week the resident Nerd Caster takes to the airwaves to talk about the newest Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  So be aware that there are spoilers in this episode, so go out and see it before tuning in.  Listen in to find out if this is the Nerd Caster Host's favorite [...]

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Top 5 Live Action DC Movies

In this shorty episode Joe talks about his favorite, or not so favorite, Top 5 Live Action DC Movies.  This list does not include any animated movies in the DC universe.  There are a ton of good DC Animated movies but with the upcoming releases of Wonder Woman and Justice League the NCG host decided [...]

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Adams First Time

The nerd caster team is joined by Adam, the military man and fellow gamer. For Adams First time on the show, and because Kieffer is desperately trying to beat old school Punch Out! for the NES the boys take a trip in the way-back machine to talk retro gaming.  They discuss what boss battles were the [...]

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Full House

After a week off (find out why by listening in), it's a Full House on the Nerd Caster show this week. Lori, Kieffer "Badges", and Sean join Joe to talk about the Smash Bros. Tournament KTAR, Smash Bros DLC characters, with some other RPG and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild talk.  They also [...]

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March Smashness

You have heard of the March Madness well the Nerd Caster Podcast brings you an episode dedicated to Smash Brothers with Kieffer (Badges) and Sean (The Don?) talk from a veteran point of view and noobs point of view. Kieffer talks about how he got into the Smash Community and why he uses Luigi and [...]

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Master Hand Gaming Meets Nerd Caster

In the "Master Hand Gaming Meets Nerd Caster" Episode, Joe is joined with Badges who takes up the co-host seat this week.  The two are joined by Chris, the owner and founder, of Master Hand Gaming. The three talk about his beginnings in  Smash tournament play and how he evolved to streaming Smash events for NJ [...]

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Nintendo Switch and BotW Review

Last week the Nerd Caster Crew gave you a preview of their initial thoughts of the Nintendo Switch and the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild before getting their hands on the console and game.  Now that they have acquired the coveted system and game they give their reviews and first impressions on how they [...]

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The Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Nintendo Switch is released later this week and the Nerd Caster team gives their review.  Listen in as the team talks about the Nintendo Switch console and the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game.  They give their opinions on the system and if they think its a home conole that turns [...]

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