Distant Worlds FF 30th Anniversary

The Nerd Caster team went to Carnegie Hall in New York city for the Distant Worlds FF 30th Anniversary (Final Fantasy) concert. In this episode, Joe and Lori team up with the returning Final Fantasy guru, Jon to break down the entire set list and gives their opinion on each song and what changes they may [...]

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Stranger Things 2 Review

This episode of Nerd Caster features returning guests Erica and Danny to review Stranger Things 2.  The group has been trying to get together for a long while to do this episode and it turns out it was worth the wait.  Listen to the team talk as Danny shows his bromance for Sean Astin, Lori [...]

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The Last Jedi Revisited

This week the nerd caster team is once again joined by Justin to revisit The Last Jedi and the amount of fan complaints.  The team goes over if they believe the complaints are warranted or if it's just a bunch of people wining. Listen as they talk about how some Rogue One things linked to [...]

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The Last Jedi Review

On this episode of the Nerd Caster Podcast, The Last Jedi Review, the team is joined once again by the Jedi Master, Justin, to discuss the Star Wars eighth installment (this does not include Rogue one o other spin offs).  They talk about all the plot holes that Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi, [...]

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Justice League and Titans

This week the Nerdcaster team is joined by their good friend Justin, the king of DC knowledge, to talk about the new Justice League movie and the new upcoming streaming show Titans.  The team talks on what they like and didn't like about the new move, where it falls in their rating of the DCEU [...]

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Mario Odyssey Reprise & Super Mario Anime

This Episode Joe is joined by Danny and they talk about Super Mario Odyssey and a weird Mario Anime discovered on YouTube.  Danny has played Mario Odyssey so the two talk about the actual game play and over feel for the game.  Danny goes into detail about the new Pro controller he picked up and [...]

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Thor Ragnarok Review

In This Episode the team does a Thor Ragnarok Review.  If you have not yet seen the new Thor movie, please stop reading now if you do not want spoilers.  That being said Spoilers Ahead Matey. The team talks about their favorite parts of the movie and how they think this will have an effect [...]

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Overwatch World Cup and Blizzcon

The Nerd Caster team gives there take on the Overwatch World Cup and Blizzcon as they were able to snag a Virtual ticket.  The NC Crew breaks down each Overwatch World Cup match from the Quaterfinals to the Championship and their thoughts on each team and who they think will be back next year. Quarter [...]

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Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch

In Episode 39 of the Nerd Caster Podcast the team talks about the new Super Mario Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch. The team talks about: First Impressions of the game Graphics Game Controls Story Line Different Worlds Characters and more The team goes in depth on how they like the game and if they [...]

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Overwatch Halloween, Ducktales and NES Periphs

The All Star Nerd Caster team is back.  Joe is joined by Lori, Erica, and Danny for this episode about the Blizzard Overwatch Halloween event. They get sidetracked by some Duck Tales trivia and end talking about some old school NES periphs and games. If you want to give feedback or let the team know [...]

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