Assassins Creed and Other Video Game Movies

If you haven’t seen the Assassins Creed Movie then **SPOILERS** ahead.  This week the team discusses what they thought of the Assassins Creed movie and compare it to other Video game movies that they have seen.  Does this movie hold up against other movies in the genre?

Listen in as they tell you about the plot, and maybe some plot holes as well.  What is the Apple of Eden? How does it get rid of freewill or the Brotherhood? Who know! Does the team have the answers? Probably not.  The team breaks down how Animus and Abstergo, who are funded by the Templars, use the Brotherhood to help in retrieving the mythical (biblical?) Apple of Eden to bring an end to the Brotherhood and free will itself. This may sound like a deep story line, but does the team believe it lives up to its hype?

The team also talks about other movies in the genre as well.  They compare the movie to Star Wars Rogue One, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy Spirts Within, Mario Brothers Movie, Double Dragon, Wreck it Ralph,  and some others. Let use know what your favorite video game movie is in the comments.

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