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About Nerd Caster

Nerd: an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit

Thanks for visiting nerdcaster.com. Nerd Caster is a podcast dedicated to bringing listeners the best in nerd culture entertainment. Each show will be about 1 hour in length and cover subjects ranging from movie and book reviews to comics, video games, television, technology and more. Shows may contain guests that have extensive knowledge or are subject matter experts on the weekly topic being covered.  The goal is to keep you entertained while listening to the resident Nerd Caster and his guests talk about the nerdy stuff you enjoy.  

Check us out December 2 for our first episode.


Resident Nerd Caster Joe

A nerd all his life, Joe was among the first to use the internet when it was nothing more than BBS and text-based pages used mostly by colleges.  As his fascination with this new corn-fangled doo-hickey called the internet grew, he started programming web/fan pages with the use of Netscape navigator gold (remember that old technology?).  He has since done projects with Raspberry Pi’s using linux as well as setting up entire corporate networks.

When not enthralled by computer technology, he also plays video games ranging across multiple different styles and platforms.  His favorite system is the NES, but favorite game is Kingdom Hearts. As a child he was challenged to beat 5 games in 5 days for the NES system for $5 and gladly accepted and beat the challenge. He also participated in the SNES Blockbuster Challenge in the early 90s and came in second at his local blockbuster store.

Joe also enjoys traveling to “not-so” popular places like Disney World. He enjoys the history, stories, architecture, detail, and of course the technology behind most of the Disney animatronics and rides.  While Disney is his favorite vacation destination he has also traveled to Iceland where he went spelunking and visited black sand beaches.

As the host of the show, his goal is to bring all things nerdy to the podcast with focus on video games, Disney World, Comics, movie reviews, collectibles and anything else he finds to be classified as nerd culture.

Kieffer “Aww8Badges”

A nerd for as long as he can remember, Kieffer has always cherished nerdy stuff, especially video games. From the very start of his first system, the Sega Genesis, he fell in love with video games and grew up with the industry. His favorite system is the Playstation One, which introduced him to his favorite gaming franchise, Final Fantasy.

Now, at the age of 26, he still continues to venture into video games across all different platforms, but his main dedication is Super Smash Bros. He is a competitive player for Nerd Caster Gaming and team captain for the NCG team. He enjoys playing with everyone and we look forward to his success in the smash community.

When he isn’t indulging himself in the world of technology and gaming, he enjoys traveling, reading, and writing. He aspires to be president of the United States and heavily attributes his wanting to help others from what he learned from video games.
As a recurring guest on the show, he looks to bring his great sense of humor and passion to everything nerdy. We hope you enjoy his presence on the show just as much as we enjoy having him.