The Life and Times of Pinky

For those who know me, know that I used (yes past tense) a pink Gamecube controller when competing in Smash Brothers 4 tournaments.  It saddens me to say that I must put down Pinky, my pink controller, as she has passed away.  The two of us have been through some hard-fought battles on the grid-iron [...]

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Where’s Kingdom Hearts 3

The Team talks about the Square Enix Series Kingdom hearts and wonders Where's Kingdom Hearts 3? They discuss how much love or hate the series and what their favorite and worst parts are.  If you have not played the series, then be warned **SPOILERS** ahead.  Seriously though, these games have been out for over 10 [...]

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The Virtual Reality Experience

In the Virtual Reality Experience episode, your hosts, Lori and Joe are joined by two other Nerd Caster crew members, Danny "Incred-a-beard" and "Baby" Erica to talk about Virtual Reality.  Team ED (Erica and Danny) have the Vive virtual reality setup and the team compares their experience to other Virtual Reality (VR) systems like the Oculus [...]

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Video Game Remakes and Remasters

Why do we buy remade games? On this episode of the Nerd Caster, the team is joined by Kieffer (Aww8badges) to discuss different video game remakes and remasters.  The team goes over multiple games (mostly RPGs) including: Final Fantasy X Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 2 Resident Evil God of War and more Listen in to [...]

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Yuri On Ice: The Nerd Caster Anime Review

Yuri On Ice: Born to Make History Yuri on Ice made its groundbreaking debut on October 5, 2016, and aired its last episode December 21, 2016. YOI added a new dimension to the sports anime genre by focusing on male's singles figure skating and is the first of its kind. The series follows skater Yuri Katsuki [...]

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Assassins Creed and Other Video Game Movies

If you haven't seen the Assassins Creed Movie then **SPOILERS** ahead.  This week the team discusses what they thought of the Assassins Creed movie and compare it to other Video game movies that they have seen.  Does this movie hold up against other movies in the genre? Listen in as they tell you about the [...]

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